About this site

This blog is a compilation of my work and endeavors in game development, technology, and related fields. There's not a ton here yet, but that will change with time.

About Me


I'm Benjamin Rigg, co-founder and technical/VFX artist at Studio Grim based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I started Std. Grim with a group of friends in May 2022, just after graduating from Kennesaw State University.

I've got a broad set of interests in the game development/technology space, and I try to represent that here. Anything from writing shaders, to hard-surface modelling in Fusion 360, to tooling around in the Linux command-line, I've either done it or it's on the (admittedly quite long) to-do list.

If you want to get in touch with me, then drop by the Contact page and reach out.

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